Fun-Filled Winter Festivities in Paris


Celebrate the holiday season with joyous activities in the city

Paris, the City of Lights, is a magical place to visit during the winter season. With its charming streets, cozy cafes, and vibrant atmosphere, the French capital offers an array of fun-filled winter festivities for visitors to enjoy. From ice skating on historic landmarks to sipping hot chocolate at festive markets, there is something for everyone in Paris during the winter months.

1. Ice Skating on the Eiffel Tower

Experience the thrill of ice skating on the first level of the iconic Eiffel Tower. With stunning views of Parisian landmarks, this activity is perfect for both beginners and experienced skaters. Book your ice skating session at the Eiffel Tower and create unforgettable memories.


2. Discover the Winter Village at Montmartre

Head to the charming neighborhood of Montmartre, where a cozy winter village springs to life during the colder months. Stroll through the picturesque streets, browse through the artisanal shops, and savor traditional French dishes at the local restaurants.


3. Admire the Festive Illuminations at Galeries Lafayette

Marvel at the stunning Christmas decorations and dazzling illuminations at Galeries Lafayette, a renowned department store in Paris. Get in the holiday spirit as you wander through the beautifully adorned halls and shop for luxury goods and festive souvenirs.


4. Join a Wine Tasting and Cheese Pairing

Warm up from the winter chill by joining a delightful wine tasting and cheese pairing experience in Paris. Explore the rich flavors of French wines and learn about the art of pairing them with an array of exquisite cheeses. Reserve your spot and savor the taste of France.


5. Experience the Magic of Disneyland Paris

Step into a world of enchantment and visit Disneyland Paris during the winter season. Enjoy dazzling parades, festive decorations, and thrilling rides that bring out the child in everyone. Book your tickets for a day of magical adventures and create lifelong memories.


6. Take a Seine River Cruise at Dusk

Embark on a romantic cruise along the Seine River as the city lights up at dusk. Admire the iconic landmarks, such as Notre Dame Cathedral and the Louvre, while sipping on a glass of Champagne. Book your river cruise and witness the beauty of Paris from a unique perspective.


7. Taste the Delicacies at a Chocolate Festival

Satisfy your sweet tooth at a delightful chocolate festival in Paris. Sample exquisite chocolates, attend workshops with master chocolatiers, and learn about the fascinating history of this delectable treat. Book your tickets and experience a chocolate lover's paradise.


8. Discover the Ice Sculptures at Jardin des Plantes

Marvel at the impressive ice sculptures on display at Jardin des Plantes, a beautiful botanical garden in Paris. Explore the frosty wonderland and admire the intricate ice art created by talented sculptors from around the world. Bundle up and embrace the icy beauty of winter.


9. Visit the Festival du Merveilleux at the Musée des Arts Forains

Step into a whimsical world at the Festival du Merveilleux hosted by the Musée des Arts Forains. Explore the unique fairground attractions and admire the vintage carousels, merry-go-rounds, and other enchanting installations. Book your visit and let the magic unfold before your eyes.


10. Attend a Jazz Concert in a Parisian Jazz Club

Immerse yourself in the vibrant jazz scene of Paris by attending a live jazz concert in one of the city's intimate jazz clubs. Sip on a cocktail, tap your feet to the rhythm, and let the talented musicians transport you to the golden age of jazz. Book your tickets and experience the soulful sounds of Paris.